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Purchase Contract & Health Guarantee





Seller: TEGS Chihuahuas                               Buyer(s):                                             

Price of Puppy:   $                                            Deposit Amount:  $

Breed:                                                              Sex:  M/F         DOB:  

Color:                                                               Markings:                

Sire:                                                                 Registration #:               

Dam:                                                                Registration #:              

Microchip number:                                            Date of Sale (puppy paid in full):

Date of Pick-up or shipping:

CKC:  Full or Non-breeding                             SPAY/NEUTER required:  Yes  or  No


All deposits and any monies paid in on a puppy are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Refunds are only issued if a puppy becomes deceased while still in the care of TEGS Chihuahuas.


A non-refundable deposit of $ (                   ) has been received on (                          ) and is subject to the terms of this contract.


The seller has taken every opportunity to provide a quality, healthy puppy.  The dam and sire of this puppy have been vaccinated and de-wormed on a regular basis.  This puppy has been dewormed on a regular basis.  The following shots have been given to this puppy: SEE HEALTH RECORD. 


There is no guarantee or warranty that the buyer will be able to show or breed this puppy regardless of showing or breeding potential.  No guarantee is made as to size, color, coat or temperament.


At the time of sale, the seller guarantees that the puppy is in good physical health on this day of purchase.  All necessary shots and de-wormings have been done. Once the puppy leaves the seller’s premises, the puppy is under buyer’s control, and the puppy is the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Notice of any problem with this puppy must be received within 48 hours under the terms and conditions listed below:


1.      The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a currently practicing, reputable Veterinarian within 48 hours from the time of purchase (buyer will be responsible for this examination and any other charges incurred from this examination, the seller is not responsible for any veterinarian fees or costs).   If this Veterinarian determines that the puppy is unfit for purchase due to illness, disease or congenital disorder (excluding internal and external parasites, i.e. Coccidiosis, Giardia ), the cause of which is clearly attributable to the seller, the puppy may be returned within 72 hours following the determination upon presentation of a written diagnosis from said Veterinarian.  The seller reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a Veterinarian of seller’s choice, before exchange is made, and a replacement puppy will be given (see term number 4).


2.      The puppy is guaranteed for 48 hours from date and time of purchase against infectious diseases such as Parvo*, Corona, or Distemper as long as all the terms of this contract have been followed. (*The puppy has some immunity from the Parvo disease from the mother, and if the puppy has had a vaccination for Parvo, it also has some immunity.  But, because Parvo is such a contagious disease, and the puppy can be exposed to it in any public place or even on your own property without you even knowing it, it is extremely important that you watch your puppy and be extremely cautious where you allow your puppy to go or who touches your puppy until it is completely safe from the Parvo virus.)


3.      Your puppy is guaranteed until two years of age against any life threatening Genetic Defects as long as the terms of this contract have been followed.  A written statement from a licensed veterinarian will be required if a life threatening genetic defect is found.  The seller is entitled to take the dog to a veterinarian of choice for a second opinion.   Should the dog die in the care of the buyer, an autopsy report from a licensed veterinarian determining the cause of death will be required. 


This contract DOES NOT cover Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) - It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure the puppy is eating and drinking on a regular basis.  Please see the last page of this contract for more information on Hypoglycemia.


4.      If a major problem has been determined and the return of the puppy identified on this contract is desired and agreed upon by both parties, a replacement puppy of comparable size, color, gender and value will be given to the buyer as long as all terms of this contract have been followed.  If a replacement puppy is not available at that time, buyer will be notified immediately when a comparable puppy is available.  No cash refunds will be given, only an exchange.  Any Veterinarian expenses incurred determining the problem/health status of this puppy will be the sole responsibility of the buyer and no refunds or reimbursements will be expected from seller.  If the puppy is to be returned to the seller, shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer and no reimbursement will be expected from the seller.  Shipping will also be paid for by the buyer in the case of a replacement puppy.


5.      If at any time in this dog’s life, you find you cannot care for or do not wish to care for this dog anymore, this dog will not be taken to a shelter or given to another party.  It is a requirement for the dog to come back to TEGS Chihuahuas and all registration papers, health records, etc., will be given back at the time of transfer.  No refunds will be given.


6.      If puppy is sold as a SPAY/NEUTER, the Buyer agrees to spay or neuter the dog before the age of 7 months old at Buyer’s expense.  If the puppy is not spayed/neutered by 7 months of age, this health guarantee will be voided.  Should a genetic problem arise, a spay/neuter certificate from the veterinarian who performed the procedure will need to be presented.   Note:  If you spay your female before she has her first heat cycle, it will cut the odds of her getting certain types of cancer by 99%.  Also, if you neuter your male before he learns to lift his leg to urinate, he may never learn to lift his leg to urinate.  Neutering your male also keeps the odds down for certain types of cancer as well.


7.      The seller will register and/or transfer ownership of this dog and guarantees all papers, signatures, or information needed to do so are in order. At the time of final payment, the Buyer agrees to sign all papers including the non-breeding form if this is a non-breeding contract. The buyer will receive CKC registration papers without delay. 


8.      If a deposit has been made on the puppy to hold it until it is old enough to leave it’s Mother or for any other reason agreed upon by seller and buyer, the buyer will make arrangements to pick up the puppy before the puppy turns twelve weeks of age or boarding charges (at a rate of $5.00 per day) and any other charges incurred for the puppy (vaccinations, veterinary care, deworming, etc.) will be added to the total cost of the puppy and charged to the buyers. Payment in full must be received at least by the time the puppy is picked up in person by the buyer.  If the puppy is to be shipped, buyer agrees to have the balance of the puppy, as well as shipping, paid in full by the time the puppy reaches eight weeks of age in order to ensure shipping arrangements can be made. If the puppy is not picked up within two weeks of the agreed upon date, the seller has the right to sell the puppy to another party and buyer forfeits all rights to the puppy. If the puppy dies or becomes unfit for sale before the puppy is ready to be picked up, a refund will be granted (see term number 4).


This contract represents final and all guarantees, agreements, and terms of the sale of this puppy between seller and buyer.


By signing below, both parties are bound by this agreement.


Buyer’s Signature:                                 Date:           

Buyer’s Printed Name:                                     


Buyer’s Address:                                                                            


Buyer’s Phone Number:                                                


Seller’s Signature:                                 Date:  




Hypoglycemia is a condition in which the blood sugar level drops to an extremely low level, causing a "sugar attack." When levels of glucose in the blood drop rapidly, the dog's body and brain are deprived of essential nutrients. The results of hypoglycemia can be weakness, seizures, coma, and in severe cases, death.

Because Chihuahuas are so small, they can be prone to hypoglycemia, especially when they are very young. Hypoglycemia is usually caused by stress, change of environment, illness, lack of food, or by using up stored energy without it being replenished.

It is important to make sure that young puppies and very tiny Chihuahuas eat regularly throughout the day. Another preventative for hypoglycemia is regular feeding of a high-calorie supplement called Nutri-Cal, available at local pet stores or through your vet.


Symptoms to look for include vomiting, diarrhea, listlessness, pale to white gums, staggering gait, and refusal to eat. If the dog does not receive treatment for this, the "sugar attack" can progress into the more serious stages of this condition. Behavior such as inability to hold down food and diarrhea can become progressively worse to the point of seizures, complete unresponsiveness, and even death.


Preventing Hypoglycemia can be done by giving your puppy Nutri-Cal three to four times daily.  I find that giving the Nutri-Cal 10 minutes before offering a meal entices the puppies to eat.  You may also add a small amount of Karo Syrup to his/her drinking water on a daily basis.  Treating Hypoglycemia can be a little more difficult.  The first thing recommended is rubbing some Karo Syrup on the gums and tongue of your puppy.  Once your puppy begins to show interest in his/her food again, I would increase his/her meals to six small meals throughout the day.  Hypoglycemia tends to fade off by the time your puppy reaches six months of age.


This information is not intended to replace the advice of your Veterinarian.  If you suspect your puppy has become Hypoglycemic, I always recommend to seek medical attention immediately.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us anytime at



I have read and understand what to do in the case that my puppy develops Hypoglycemia.  I agree to provide Veterinary care for my puppy if he/she shows any of the symptoms above.  I will NOT hold TEGS Chihuahuas responsible in the case that my puppy develops Hypoglycemia.



Buyer’s Signature: __________________________                Date: ___________